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Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Lawyer
Criminal Defense Attorney

Family Law (Divorce) Attorney

Attorney George Pappas is an experienced trial attorney, regularly practicing in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, family law and criminal defense. 

-Civil Litigation Attorney-
            Including Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Insurance Disputes, Workers' Compensation, Social Security.

-Criminal Defense Lawyer- 

                All Felony Allegations, such as Drug Delivery/Possession/Intent to Deliver,
Sexual Assault, Homicide.
All Misdemeanor Allegations -- including Traffic, such as Drunk Driving (OWI/DUI/DWI), Hit and Run -- and all other criminal (or non-criminal allegations), such as Disorderly Conduct (Domestic-DVO), Battery, Theft.

-Family Law (Divorce Attorney)-
            Including Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Support, Restraining Orders.
Attorney Pappas represents clients with divorce proceedings, as well as post-divorce matters (or post-judgment hearings), such as motions to enforce child placement, motions for contempt, motions to modify divorce judgments.
Note: Attorney Pappas practices family law in Oneida Tribal Court, as well.

Note:  If you have a matter not listed above, please call Attorney Pappas to discuss. At the least, we will let you know whether we would be able to handle your matter.  Client matters are all too unique for this list to serve as a comprehensive list of attorney services.  So, do not hesitate to call.

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